Fuze Pleasure Plug Series


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Fuze’s Pleasure Plugs are a great way to start engaging in anal play and their varying sizes means that as your experience level increases these plugs allow you to gradually work your way up from stages 1 through 4. The Fuze Ten silicone is softer and more flexible than other silicone products and feature a narrow flared base. This allows the toy to move with your booty, rather than against it, for maximum comfort and wearability.

All Fuze Pleasure Plugs are made from 100% silicone. Use water-based lubricants only.

For your first butt plug you want something perfectly smooth and elegantly slim. The Pleasure Plug 1 is the perfect fit for beginners. The slight taper allows your plug to go in easily, whilst the long, narrow neck allows the plug to be held comfortably and securely. The contoured slender base nestles discreetly in place and adds just the gentlest of pressure for external stimulation. The Pleasure Plug 1 lets you experiment with new experiences and new sensations without being overwhelmed by too much intensity.

The Pleasure Plug 1 shaft measures 4 1/8″ long and 7/8″ wide.

Many people come to love their first butt plug and don’t want to leave it behind but still crave a greater sense of fullness. The Pleasure Plug 2 has all of the same features that make the Pleasure Plug 1 so special, gently tapered bulb, slim neck and contour hugging base, but with that little bit of extra size to make your experience complete. The Pleasure Plug 2 has the perfect combination of size and subtlety to make it a long term favourite for many people.

The Pleasure Plug 2 shaft measures 4 3/8″ long and 1 1/4″ wide.

You’ve mastered the Pleasure Plug 2, look back fondly on your days with the Pleasure Plug 1, and now want something more without getting carried away with anything too large. The Pleasure Plug 3 allows you to individually tailor your experience but still feels like meeting an old friend again. The Pleasure Plug 3 is generously proportioned in both length and girth but retains all the excellent values and flexibility of the Pleasure Plug range.

The Pleasure Plug 3 shaft measures 4 7/8″ long and 1 3/8″ wide.

The Pleasure Plug 4 is Fuze’s largest butt plug in both length and girth. The Pleasure Plug 4 is for people who desire the most profoundly satisfying sense of fullness but none of the unnecessary bells and whistles. Even with the Pleasure Plug 4’s larger size the taper allows for easy entry the narrow neck is comfortable and the elegant base fits as snugly as ever.

The Pleasure Plug 4 shaft measures 5 1/2″ long and 1 5/8″ wide.


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