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At Smitten we LOVE Sliquid! Their lubricants are all glycerin free, paraben (preservative) free, color/dye free, fragrance free and contain naturally sourced ingredients. They are particularly good for those who are sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, bladder infections or yeast infections.

The only difficult part is choosing just one! That is why we put together these sample packs of Sliquid lubricants that contain multiple formulations and flavors to help you decide which Sliquid products are your favorite!

Sampler Pack #1: Water Based Naturals
– Contains five pillow packs in total, one of each H2O, Sassy, Sea, Satin & Silk

Sampler Pack #2: Water Based Organics
– Contains five pillow packs in total, one of each Natural, Gel, Oceanics, Silk & Sensation

Sampler Pack #3: Water Based Swirl Flavors
– Contains six pillow packs in total, one of each Blackberry Fig, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Vanilla, Green Apple, Tangerine Peach and Strawberry Pomegranate

Sampler Pack #4: Alternative Formulas
– Contains four pillow packs in total, two Silver (silicone based) and two Soul (coconut oil based).

Sampler Pack #5: One of Everything!
– Just what it sounds like! This pack contains eighteen Sliquid pillow packs, one of each of all the pillow packs listed above. (H2O, Sassy, Sea, Silk, Satin, Organic Natural, Organic Gel, Organic Silk, Oceanics, Sensation, all six Swirl flavors, Silver & Soul)

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#1 Water Based Natural, #2 Water Based Organic, #3 Water Based Swirl Flavored, #4 Alternative Formulas, #5 One of Everything!