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Female Hot Spots

No doubt you are pretty great at getting your partner’s motor running but we are here to offer just a few more ideas that could help you better understand how she “ticks” in the intimacy & pleasure department. The more you know about your partner the more likely you are able to drive her crazy in bed time & time again!


The Most Important Female Sex Organ is…

The brain! Your most powerful sexual signals such as attitudes, desires and fantasies are received & processed in the brain. Most women need to feel emotionally connected and/or comfortable with their partner in order to relax, let themselves go and fully enjoy sex. Foreplay starts LONG before she is even touched. If she’s just not in the mood take a few minutes to consider what is going on at the time, is she worn out from a long day at work, dealing with family or taking care of the kids all day? If so then the best way for you to get your woman thinking amorously is to recognize this and offer to help her so she can put her feet up and simply relax. When she realizes that you understand and are willing to allow her the time she needs to unwind you will definitely earn some bedroom points! The more you do to help her feel loved and supported the easier it is for her to express to you just how much she appreciates you.


What Else Turns A Woman On?

Women need time to become aroused before intercourse. This is best achieved with diamonds… just kidding! But even a little gift can go a long way, such as bringing home her favorite treat or helping her with a chore. Give your lady a chance to get turned on prior to intercourse. Help her relax by playing her favorite music, touch and caress her gently or give her a romantic massage. Compliment her and tell her how sexy & beautiful she is. Be sure to turn off the TV and make sure that you aren’t likely to be interrupted. When a woman realizes that you are willing to do some planning for her you will earn even more bedroom points!


Her Erogenous Zones

Simply put an erogenous zone is any area of the human body that can feel sexually pleasing when touched and caressed. Everyone is different with individual preferences ranging from the common, such as her breasts or genitals, to earlobes or feet. Take the time to get to know your partner’s likes & dislikes, communication is the basis for a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship and she will love you even more for wanting to know.


Here are some of the most common erogenous zones around the body that are great stops to make along the journey of foreplay:

  • Breasts & nipples
  • Neck; especially the nape or back of the neck
  • Earlobes & area around the ears
  • Face; including eyelids and lips
  • Lower back & glutes
  • Inner thighs


Once foreplay progresses don’t forget some of these intricate areas of female anatomy:

  • Vulva; the external parts of her vagina including the labia or lips
  • Clitoris and clitoral hood; this area is very sensitive to stimulation and contains 8,000 nerve endings, double the nerve endings as the glans of the penis!
  • G-spot; located on the front wall of the vagina, 1.5”-2” inches in on the front wall of the vagina. This area responds to steady stroking & pressure. It is a bit tougher to find but with some practice is a very pleasurable area. For more information on the G-spot see our informational brochures on what the G-spot is and how to find it.
  • Anus & rectum; full of concentrated nerve endings that when stimulated can be highly pleasurable, even orgasmic. Before embarking on anal play talk to your partner to make sure they are comfortable playing in this area.


As always communication is essential with your partner, be sure to keep the lines of communication open always! All partners are different so experiment to see what gets your partner in the mood.

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