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Helping Your Partner Find Her G-Spot

Even when a women has been able to find her G-spot on her own she still may need some help from a toy or partner (or even better… both!) to get maximum pleasure from it. You are more likely to find the G-spot if the woman is already well aroused. Fingers are generally more effective than a penis because it makes it easier to feel the spongy tissue surrounding the G-spot. Use lots of lubrication and be sure that there are no jagged edges on finger nails and hands. This prevents damage to delicate feminine tissues.


There are several different ways you can explore the G-Spot as a couple. In order to find your partner’s G-spot for the first time get her to lie on her back, legs apart and hips rotated slightly upwards. Settle yourself between her legs and then insert two fingers (palm up) and begin exploring the upper wall of the vagina with slow, steady strokes while applying slight pressure. Remember that the G-spot is only 1.5” to 2” in so there is no need to reach as far in as you can. If your partner is properly aroused you should be able to feel a small patch of engorged tissue that varies in texture from the rest of the vaginal lining. The best technique is to use a ‘come hither’ motion against the G-spot applying pressure to the engorged area. Your other hand can also be placed on the abdomen, just above the pubic bone to exert soft downward pressure to the outside of the stimulated area.


A very important part of G-spot exploration and orgasm is to be comfortable, relaxed and to communicate with your partner about what feels good. Be sure to use lots of lubrication and feel free to add simultaneous clitoral stimulation, this brings on a rush of pleasurable sensations! You can also increase the sensitivity of the G-spot by using an arousal balm or cream to help increase blood flow to the area. Play with different motions, varying amounts of pressure, rubbing from side-to-side or tracing circles.


If your partner feels an urge to urinate or a “full bladder” sensation it is okay, this is completely normal and often is a sign of G-spot orgasm or female ejaculation—so don’t stop! Female ejaculate is a fluid that is often released during an intense orgasm. It may be a thick fluid (similar to semen) or a urine-like fluid, but it is not urine! The feeling will often continue with further massaging and can result in an awe-inspiring orgasm.


It is also possible to stimulate the G-spot during penetrative sex. Certain positions are better than others for achieving G-spot stimulation during intercourse and must be specifically angled to reach the G-spot and provide the right kind of stimulation. This can take some practice to be able to hit the right spot.


G-spot Sex Positions

Position #1: Penetrating your partner from behind helps put you in a better position for G-spot contact. Put your partner on her hands and knees, with her buttocks raised and head down. Kneel behind her and support her by the waist. As you penetrate her the penis will automatically be aiming for the front wall of the vagina. Use your thighs to press back and find the depth, thrust style and position that work best. Remember that you only need to be 1.5” – 2” in. Get your partner to lean forwards more, lowering their pelvic bone. This puts the penis on more of a downward angle and helps you to hit the G-spot more directly. Also try this with your partner lying down on her stomach with you on top of her, this can provide a direct angle to the G-spot!


Position #2: While your partner is laying on her back, put your hands around her waist and raise her buttocks and lower back up to meet you. Gently bend her legs so that her knees touch her breasts. Now make contact with her G-spot until she is in orgasmic delight!


Position #3: This one can be a little tricky! Position yourself so that you are kneeling or standing. Hook your partner’s legs over your shoulders so that her knees are beside your ears. Penetrate your partner while holding onto each other’s hands/arms to support each other and hang on for a pleasure ride! With many positions you can’t look your partner in the eyes but with this one you can which also makes it more intimate! You can do this position off your sofa, chair, table or modify it to work off of the end of your bed.


Don’t forget to combine simultaneous clitoral stimulation with these positions. Remember, the clitoral nerves extend inside the body and around the G-spot area, stimulating more than just the clitoris!

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