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Vibrating Bullets

Vibrating bullets are a popular and simple toy to enhance to your sexual pleasure.


The bullet vibrator is a very popular vibrator because of how simple, discreet and effective it is. It can be used on your own or with a partner, on the clitoris, labia, breasts or any other erogenous zone! It can even be used on the tip of a penis, the scrotum or perineum (patch of skin between the scrotum and the anus). Its versatility makes it a great couple’s toy!


A bullet vibrator is named so because in its traditional design it resembles the shape of a bullet. Vibrating bullets range from a basic self-contained bullet that is no more than 2 inches long to egg-shaped bullets that are connected to a controller by a cord. There are also cordless varieties which may have self-contained batteries, be rechargeable or even have a wireless remote control!


Bullet vibrators can be a great first time toy and are a perfect way to start exploring vibrating toys as you begin to discover where vibration feels the best for you and your partner.

  • Ideal for clitoral stimulation and any kind of external stimulation of other erogenous zones.
  • Inexpensive; making these great for first time buyers; this is often the first toy people, particularly women, will buy!
  • Easy to add into couple’s sex play, to use on a partner or on yourself.
  • Good for body & erotic massage.


Bullets are usually made of hard plastic that may be coated in a thin layer of silicone or jelly latex. This provides a softer feel to the outside of the bullet.


You should never insert a bullet inside the body so far that you need to use the cord to retrieve it and bullets should never be inserted anally. If you really want to use a bullet vibrator vaginally you can try putting it inside of an unrolled condom. This way you can use the base of the condom to pull the toy out. This protects the bullet from exposure to fluids as well.


A lot of bullets are not waterproof so never submerge the bullet and/or cord to clean unless the packaging specifically states the bullet is fully waterproof. It is also common to see a bullet/controller set where the bullet is waterproof but the controller is not. Read the packaging carefully and when in doubt err on the side of caution and do not get it wet.


To clean a bullet and/or controller that are not waterproof use some toy cleaner (such as Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner) and water to carefully wipe clean. It’s best to remove the batteries from your bullet (and any battery operated sex toys) before storing them to avoid having any damage to the toys from battery acid leaks inside the toy that can cause internal damage to the toy.


Smitten’s Fun Bullet Ideas

Give your partner a dual-bullet massage! Take 2 bullets (or a controller that can run 2 bullets), cover your lover in massage oil and give them a vibrating dual bullet massage! This is a great way to pamper and relax after a long day!


Use it as an oral sex helper! While performing oral sex on your partner hold the vibrating bullet against nearby erogenous zones.


Keep a bullet in the glove compartment of your car for when you get stuck in traffic. It helps pass the time and relieve the stress of road rage! (This is just for fun! Smitten does not endorse distracted driving!)

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