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Erection Rings

Erection rings may also be called cock rings, vibrating rings or penis rings and are a very popular sex toy that can be used during foreplay, intercourse or masturbation. Penile rings are placed around the base of the penis and/or around both the penis and scrotum. The ring allows blood to flow into the penis through the arteries that are closer to the center of the penis, while restricting the flow of blood out of the penis through the veins that are closer to the surface. As the pleasurable feeling of firmness increases, the erection is prolonged and ejaculation is delayed. The sensitivity of the penis also changes which may enable a man to maintain better control over when he experiences orgasm.


Most penis rings are made of silicone or latex rubber, rings for more advanced users may be made of metal, leather or alternative materials. They usually feature a variety of textures on the outer rim and should be chosen according to size and design. A loose ring will do nothing, while a ring that is too-tight cuts off all retreating blood flow rather than just restricting it; while a constantly hard penis might sound like fun, it can become painful and even dangerous over extended periods of time.


How is the Ring Worn?

When it comes to wearing a ring it really is personal preference. Some may prefer to wear a ring around the penis only, while some prefer to wear it around the base of the penis and wrapped around the testicles.


Getting it On

Putting on a solid cock ring (such as metal) can be tricky, and taking it off even trickier! A solid ring is easiest to put on when the penis is soft, putting the testicles through first and then the penis. Taking it off is the reverse process, but since these toys are designed to prolong erections, this can be easier said than done. Flexible rings are much easier to put on and get off; they are simply stretched over the erect penis and wrapped around the scrotum.


How Long Can I Wear the Ring?

Beginners should experiment carefully with how long they wear the ring; if it becomes uncomfortable it should be removed immediately. An maximum of 20 minutes or so is the recommended time limit for wearing a ring since you are playing with blood flow. In order to avoid unpleasant snaps or snags, you may want to trim or shave the hair in the area where you will be wearing the ring and, as with most toys, a little lubrication always helps. Remember to use the right lube for the type of material of the cock ring you are using. See our pamphlet on “Personal Lubricants” for additional information.


Will the Ring Stimulate My Partner?

The adult toy industry has become quite creative in designing these toys, they come in all different shapes and sizes and it is fun to try a variety of designs to find the favorites for you and your partner. Vibrating or tickling rings are great for couples who are trying toys for the first time as they are versatile and mutually pleasing. The vibration of these rings stimulate both partners at the same time and when powerful enough can make the penis feel like it is vibrating. Some vibrating rings are designed to be used only once as they have small battery cartridge that only runs for 45 minutes to an hour, some you are able to change the batteries in and high end rechargeable ones are becoming more widely available. Read the packaging or ask your local Smitten staffer for more details!


Specialty Rings

Rings that are designed specifically for erectile function and support are designed to be slightly larger, firmer and functional. A great example of these is erectile slings that scoop under the penis, towards the scrotum to provide more support for the penis.


Who Shouldn’t Use Rings?

If you have a circulatory issue, blood clotting disorder, diabetes, vascular or nerve disorder or if you are taking medications related to any of these conditions such as anticoagulants, aspirin or blood thinners you should consult your doctor before using erectile rings. Remember, rings restrict the blood flow out of the penis. In addition, you should never wear a cock ring for more than 20 minutes or you may risk damaging the blood vessels in the penis.


As always remember to communicate with your partner and include them in the decision to try something new.

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