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Anal Sex Safety

This article has been adapted for our website from our series of educational brochuresavailable at your local Smitten.  Anal sex differs from vaginal sex in many ways. This is a guide to help you perform analsex safely for both you and your partner.  When practicing anal sex having safer-sex barriers on hand (such as condoms andgloves) to protect yourself and your partner is a good idea. Hereare a few pointers tokeep you and your partner(s) safe while practicing anal sex.

Taking Off the Gloves

Avoid touching the outside of a used glove. To remove glove, put a clean finger underthe cuff of the glove and pull it down and right off your hand at once so the glove turns inside out. This way you won’t come in contact with any part of the outside surface of the used glove. Be sure to wash your hands carefully after removing theglove.

Taking Off the Condom

Remove used condoms carefully by rolling down & turning it inside out. Wash yourhands carefully with soap & water. Never reuse the condom to have vaginal intercourseas this increase the risk of serious infection. Using a condom on any sex toys that youwillbeusing anally is also a good idea to protect the toys and make them easier toclean.

Lube, Lube & More Lube

Have plenty of personal lubricant on hand to replenish duringsex play. There is nonatural lubrication in the anus & rectum, so you must add yourown lubricant beforeengaging in anal sex…and more is always better! Silicone & gel based lubes are ideal for anal sex as they last longer & stay in place the best. The rectum is lined with thin,delicate tissue, the more lubrication you have the less chance of injury to the area.

Tips for Safer Anal Sex

For a toy to be considered safe for anal play it should:

– Be seamless, with no sharp edges, rough spots or anything that can easily comeoff. Tissue in the rectum can be easily damaged and even the smallest tear can cause problems.

– Have a wide flared base or ring. This prevents it from being drawn up into therectum. The anus has a suction-like effect whereby items can be drawn up andinto it, often requiring an uncomfortable trip to the hospital.

– Never insert anything (sex toy, finger, etc.) that has been used during anal playinto the vagina afterwards. You must thoroughly wash this toywith anti-bacterialtoy cleaner and hot water first. Anal beads with cotton/cloth cords are nearly impossible to be washed properly and should be avoided altogether


Keeping in mind that the anal/rectal tissue is delicate:

– Always use plenty of lubrication during anal sex play & re- lube as necessary.

– Keep fingernails & hangnails well trimmed, filed smooth and gloved.

– Go slow and be gentle; with practice & a shared comfort level the intensity canbe increased.

– Never force anything into the anus. Press the tip gently against the anal opening and wait for the opening to relax. Keep stimulating your partner’s othererogenous zones at the same time.

– There are 2 sphincters in the anus, one is voluntary and the other is involuntary.This is why you must be relaxed for these to open on their own and for comfortduring penetration.

– Pay attention to your partner’s movements and move with, not against, them.Once the sphincter muscles relax you’ll feel it drawing in the toy/finger/penis. Letyourself slide in only as much as your partner’s body allows.Once things become more comfortable you can begin to experiment with differentmovements and positions. Pay attention to how the body is responding to thesemovements and ask your partner how they feel. Anal penetration is not like vaginalpenetration and it has to build up slower and may never beas vigorous. If you areunsure you can ask them to do the moving at first and keep your body still.

Clean Up

Fecal matter and bacteria from the rectum will be spread after contact with the outside or inside of the area. You should never move from anal play to vaginal play withoutwashing carefully first. Clean the lube bottles well afterwards as you may use these same lubes for vaginal use also. You can also use a condom onyour toys to reduce thechance of spreading bacteria but be sure you still clean them after use. Try not to touchthe cap with the same hand you are using to touch yourself as the cap is often harder toget clean. Silicone anal toys that do not have any electronic parts can be boiled in waterfor 2 to 5 minutes. Remember to wash your hands after cleaning toys and lube bottles.

These tips should all be talked about with your partner experimenting with anal sex andstimulation. Remember to always communicate with your partner tomake the entire experience a pleasurable one for you both. And as always, remember to love lots and play safe!

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