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Male Hot Spots

Want to know more about what drives your partner crazy in the bedroom? Here are a few ideas and tips to explore together! If you desire him intensely this is a big turn on for sure. Showing your partner that you have genuine interest in learning to please him could ramp up the intensity in your relationship. Don’t be afraid to take the lead and take control, most men will love this!


Here are a few erogenous zones to explore on your partner, keeping in mind that not everyone is the same or likes the same things. Communicate with your partner to see which areas they are comfortable exploring and which ones to keep exploring!


Scalp & Hair

This is a great erogenous zone as he may not be expecting you to pay attention to this area. Many men like to have their scalp massaged or have your fingers or nails run throughout their hair gently. Some men also like to have their hair tugged, this indicates you really desire and want him!


His Ears

There are many nerve endings concentrated in the ears making them especially sensitive to touch. Use your index finger and thumb to massage the outer ears with slow, firm movements, squeeze the earlobes and use your tongue to target behind the ear kissing and nibbling. Tracing your tongue around the outer and inner ear lobe can really get things going.


His Lips

Lips are as sensitive for men as they are for women and who doesn’t like being kissed passionately? It shows your desire and hunger for him and he will be lost in the moment wondering what happens next! Try kissing softly at first and alternately kissing his upper & lower lips gradually increasing the pace and letting your tongue flit in and out. Combine this with some gentle hand exploration of the rest of his body showing him the promise of more to ‘cum’! Lips respond well to sensations of cold too so have some ice water nearby to give your mouth a pleasant coolness then kiss him some more.


His Neck

Always a great place to go next, especially after he has been passionately kissed. Target different areas of the neck including the areas under and behind the ears and all the way down to the collar bone. Start out gently and progress to harder and more passionate kisses to really turn him on.


His Chest

To a lot of men the chest signifies masculinity, when their partner spends some time paying attention to it, it’s a huge turn on! Massage, kiss and comment on it how it turns you on. Men’s nipples are very sensitive and respond well to sucking & nibbling.

Watch for his reaction, some men like it soft and some like it rough, so feel your way gently.


Inner Thighs

This area is an often neglected erogenous zone, not many partners target the inner thighs choosing to head to a “nearby area” too quickly! Touching, kissing, licking or nibbling all will feel good to most men.



The perineum is the area between the scrotum and the anus. There is a lot of nerve endings located here and it can be very sensitive if you fondle or stroke it. Try massaging and stroking the perineum as he orgasms. You can also use your tongue to take things to new heights.



The scrotum holds the testicles and is a very sensitive and delicate part of any man’s body. Keep in mind to go VERY gently. Too much pressure to the testicles can cause pain, but it still remains a highly erotic area. Play with the testicles gently with your hands and if you have the right position gently massage during intercourse. You can also suck or lick the scrotum and even place it right into your mouth.


The Penis

This is one of the most powerful erogenous zones the male body possesses and will always bring massive pleasure, if targeted correctly. Remember to visit the other zones from time to time because the journey is undeniably as pleasurable as the destination. This is usually the most sensitive part of his body so go carefully as some men are very sensitive. Remember to communicate with him and see what he likes best. There are numerous techniques both “hands on” and oral that you can use.


Learning to target your guys erogenous zones can be a highly pleasurable experience for both partners. As a woman you gain sexual confidence as you deepen your knowledge of the man you adore. Remember as with any exploration to communicate all the time to make sure you are getting it right for him. Check out our other pamphlets for more ideas to turn your man on.

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