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What is the Female G-Spot?

The G-spot has always been regarded with curiosity and interest. No matter who you are or what your sexual experiences have been, the G-spot is a fantastic pleasure center that has women of all experience levels talking. The information in this pamphlet is meant to help you in your quest to find the G-spot!


In 1950, German physician Ernest Grafenberg (pictured above), first described the G-spot as “an erotic zone located on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra that would swell during sexual stimulation”.


Surprisingly the G-spot it isn’t so much a specific “spot” as much as it is an area that responds to stimulation, it’s surprising that many women have never discovered the orgasmic potential of this area. One line of thinking is that the G-spot can be described as the female prostate gland since, like the male prostate gland, it is sensitive to pressure and stimulation.


Researchers have also noted that stimulating this area is also likely to stimulate the internal clitoral legs and the urethra, both of which are sensitive to stimulation and can be the sources of great sexual excitement.


Women have two very important areas for sexual stimulation: the clitoris and the G-spot. Quite often stimulation of both is required to achieve a G-spot orgasm. Most women & their partners have no problem locating their clitoris because it is externally accessible, but the G-spot is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.


Finding your G-spot isn’t always easy and some women may go their entire lives without properly locating it. Even in this day and age the sexual impact of the G-spot is still something even professionals debate. For some women the G-spot is an area that can bring deep and intense orgasms and for others stimulating the area makes them feel like they have to urinate.


Maybe the most important thing about the G-spot is taking the time to get to know your body better, exploring what feels good and discovering the sexual responses that you get from different types of stimulation. Just imagine the amazing things you can discover during your search for this magic spot!


Basic Anatomy

You will find the G-spot located within the top of the vaginal wall. It is a small spongy area about two inches inside that, when stimulated properly, will become engorged and easier to locate. This usually means steady stroking & pressure with the head of the penis, fingers or a good G-spot dildo or vibrator. The above diagram shows the G-spot prior to stimulation and the changes that happen after stimulation. It is easiest to find the G-spot once a woman is aroused, making foreplay a crucial part of finding the G-spot.


Another benefit to G-spot stimulation is the potential to have an orgasm that includes female ejaculation. Some women make enough fluid that they notice it, even to the extent that it is similar to ejaculation. The sensations that precede female ejaculation may lead you to believe that this is urine, but this fluid is NOT urine so do not be concerned.


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