Number One Labs Slingshot Harness


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All Form Function/Number One Labs products begin as clay prototypes sculpted by hand. Each design is tested and modified through a long trial and error period. Every model sold is completely handmade using the best materials (100% Platinum Silicone) available and thoroughly checked for quality and durability.

This harness is designed to work with the Number One Labs STPs and hold them in place. By pushing the shaft of the STP through the top hole and the testicles through the lower hole this simple design will keep your STP in place. Made with thick and plush high quality elastic the Slingshot Harness is completely washer and dryer safe.

“My inspiration is my community; the trans community. Necessity is the mother of invention and being able to pee in a public bathroom is a necessity. The need for a functional durable realistic STP that can give trans folks a sense of security keeps me working on products.”

  • Kit, Owner/Operator/Creator of Form Function & Number One Labs


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