PDX Elite Hydrobator


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Get ready for the best stroking experience of your life! The PDX Elite Hydrobator is made for incredible aquatic stimulation with its innovative double-open-ended design, allowing water to flow through the tunnel while simultaneous automated stroking technology gives you a fully-encompassing experience. Created with a hollow tunnel to fit any length shaft, the PDX Elite Hydrobator’s accessible shape allows for wet or dry automated stroking and vibration—making it perfect for shower masturbation sessions! The internal tunnel is lined with supple Elite Silicone and is ribbed and textured for extra stimulation. Enjoy 3 stroking speeds and 7 powerful vibration modes that tease the entire length of your penis. Stroking and vibration features can be enjoyed simultaneously or separately, with water or without, for personal sensation customization.

  • IPX7 Waterproof – Rating Ready to be thoroughly enjoyed in the shower or spa. The open ended design allows warm water to flow through, creating an incredible aquatic stroking sensation.
  • Fully Automated Stroking Technology – The dynamic stroking is completely automated—all you have to do is insert your shaft and enjoy the potent pleasure of 3 stroking speeds instantly.
  • Comfortable Handle – The ergonomic handle is easy to hold for comfortable extended use.
  • Powerful Vibration – 7 patterns of intensely satisfying vibration heightens your experience and creates mindblowing orgasms.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Aid – Regular masturbation strengthens pelvic floor muscles, helping to address issues related to weak pelvic floor such as prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Edging, the practice of purposely delaying orgasm, can build sexual stamina and can help with ED by encouraging healthy blood flow to the penis.

Care Instructions: Cleanup is a snap after the fun with antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water. If desired, use a water-based lubricant with this product.

Quick Start Guide: Start by pressing the power button to turn PDX Elite Hydrobator ON/OFF. For fully Automated Stroking – Press the stroking button (arrows) to initiate automatic thrusting. Press again to cycle through 3 levels of stroking speeds. Press & hold the button (arrows) for 3 seconds to turn OFF.
For Vibration press the mode button. Press again to cycle through all 7 vibrating modes. Press and hold the mode button for 3 seconds to turn OFF.