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LELO Luna Beads are Smitten’s best selling kegel exerciser and work great for gradually and safely strengthening the pelvic floor. These beautifully crafted kegel weights come as a set of 4, with two pink (lighter) weights and two blue (heavier) weights. This allows for each individual to begin with the weight that best suits their body and then work their way up from there.

LELO Luna Beads come in two different sizes, both feature the same weights but differ on the diameter of the beads themselves:
Classic Luna Beads include 2 pink, 28g beads and 2 blue, 37g beads. All four beads are diameter of 36mm (1.4″).
Mini Luna Beads (most popular of the two sizes) include 2 pink, 28g beads and 2 blue, 37g beads. All four beads are diameter 29mm (1.1″).

So how do you choose the right size for you?
– The Classic size are a fairly large bead (1.4″ in diameter). We usually say that these are for individuals who feel they have no strength in their kegel muscles/pelvic floor. Since the Classic beads are larger they tend to stay in place more securely so the muscles do not have to work as hard to hold them in place. We have had some say they find the larger size is too big for them and in some cases uncomfortable for those who may have pelvic floor tension issues as well.
– The Mini size is still larger than a traditional metal kegel bead so it does help them to stay in place better than a plain kegel or “Ben Wa” ball does. This size also helps to engage the kegel muscles and makes them “work” a bit more to keep the bead in place. This helps to begin building the kegel muscles strength to gain the benefits of a stronger pelvic floor. More often than not the Mini size is the one that our customers will lean towards.

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