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The Strengthening Balls from Satisfyer help you strengthen your pelvic floor and enjoy all of the benefits of stronger kegel muscles such as enhanced orgasms, bladder control and helping with muscle strength for childbirth. The set of 3 balls help you build up your strength with their different weights, which allow you to gradually increase your pelvic floor training. Even a short daily workout of 15 minutes is enough to strengthen your pelvic floor. The Strengthening Balls are also suitable for post partem use, after the majority of healing has taken place.

The lightest ball in the set weighs 61.9 g, the middle ball 82.1 g, and the heaviest ball 97.9 g – so both beginners and advanced users will find the right weight for them. Start with the lightest ball and move up slowly depending on how it – after a few weeks you will slowly improve. Thanks to the practical retrieval string, the Strengthening Balls are easy to insert and remove. The balls are made of body-friendly, soft silicone that can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial toy cleaner.

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